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Digital Economy


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Analyze and decipher trends

Digiworld Institute has been developing expertise in the technologies and uses of the digital economy for more than 45 years, and today constitutes a unique observatory and foresight laboratory.


Organize exchanges at the highest level

Exclusive conferences, prestigious congresses, global events

6 December 2022
Digiworld Summit

2022 edition at the Museum of Man

Bringing together all the actors of the digital world

Leading institutional players, leaders of international groups, personalities from the world of research, start-ups, territories, we bring together more than 100 members, contributors and partners on a unique exchange platform.

«Strengthening the place of science in society, and particularly in the economic sector, is a priority for the CNRS. We have a lot to share in the digital field, which has a profound impact on all our activities. The Digiworld Institute provides a wonderful framework for this.»


Antoine PETIT - Chairman and CEO CNRS

«Science and technology are at the heart of teaching, research and innovation at X and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. The Digiworld Institute is a remarkable exchange platform for deepening the impact of digital technology and helping to solve today's major societal challenges.»


Eric LABAYE - President Polytechnic university

«The DigiWorld Institute offers us the opportunity to meet the actors of the digital ecosystem and to reflect together on the questions that arise on the future and the evolution of this sector.»


Nathalie GAILLARD - Executive Director Accenture

«The DigiWorld Institute is a Think Tank well anchored in Telecoms and which projects itself into the future of Digital, 5G, and beyond the borders of Europe.»


Alexandre PEBEREAU - CEO & Founder Global Tofane


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