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Sous le haut patronnage de Monsieur Emmanuel Macron - Président de la République

Event 6 December 2022

Digiworld Summit 2022

Stepping stone to (re)building the positive digital society

En présence de Monsieur Jean-Noël BARROT,
Ministre délégué chargé de la Transition numérique et des Télécommunications


8h30 | Welcome & coffee

9h00 | Opening & Reveal New DigiWorld Institute

François BARRAULT, Chairman and Jacques MOULIN, CEO, DigiWorld Institute

9h10 | Introduction – The world in 2022: where do we stand?

Jean-Noël BARROT, French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications

Sandro GOZI, Member of the European Parliament

9H30 | An economic and geopolitical overview

Bertrand BADRÉ, Founder, Blue Like an Orange Sustainable Capital

9H45 | What’s new in the industry?

Olivier GIRARD, President France & Benelux, Accenture

10h00 | Digital & society

Etienne KLEIN, Science philosopher, Director of research CEA

10h15 | Our future digital world: a global view

Sowmyanarayan SAMPATH, CEO, Verizon Business

10h35 | Chats and debates

Nathalie GAILLARD, Managing Director, Accenture

Alexandre PÉBEREAU, CEO and Founder, Tofane Global Boris MADELEINE, Marketing and Sales Manager, Private Networks and Cybersecurity, b<>com

10h55 | Our future digital world: views from Europe

Christel HEYDEMANNN, CEO, Orange

11h15 | Chats and debates

Prune ESQUERRÉ, Directrice de recherche, DigiWorld Institute

11h30 | Coffee break

11h45 | Chats and debates

Guillaume BOUTIN, CEO, Proximus

11h55 | How are digital ecosystems evolving to (re)building the European digital society?

Wassim CHOURBAJI, Senior vice president, Government Affairs & Public policy, Qualcomm

Vincent ROUAIX, Chairman and CEO, Inetum

12h20 | Chats and debates

Norbert FAURE, Managing Director, Platinion Western Europe, BCG

Christophe ARNAUD, CEO, Bolloré Bluesystems

12h40 | Politics & regulation

Alexandre de STREEL, Professor of Law, University of Namur & Academic Director, Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE)

13h10 | Conclusion keynote

Alexandra DUBLANCHE, Vice President in charge of Recovery, Economic Development, Attractiveness and Innovation, Région Île-de-France

13h20 | Closing

11h30 | Lunch