Jacques ATTALI

25 Nov 2022

Polytechnician, enarque and special adviser to the President of the Republic François Mitterrand for ten years, he is the founder of 4 international institutions: Action Against Hunger, EUREKA, < /strong>EBRD and < /b>Positive Planet.< /b>

The Positive Planet Foundation (and other entities in the Positive Planet ensemble) promote the positive economy and have supported the creation of positive businesses in neighborhoods in France, Africa and the Middle East for 22 years. It has supported more than 11 million micro entrepreneurs.

Jacques Attali has written more than 1,000 editorials in the magazine L’Express and is the author of more than 80 books that have sold 9 million copies and have been translated into 22 languages.

He is now an editorial writer for the newspaper Les Echos.

He has also conducted several orchestras around the world (Paris, Grenoble, London, Jerusalem, Shanghai, Astana, Montreal, Lausanne, Brussels, Helsinki, etc.).