Virginie CALMELS

25 Nov 2022

Virginie Calmels is a graduate of the Toulouse Business School and of the European Institute of Business Administration (Insead-AMP) and also holds a postgraduate degree accountants and finances (DESCF) and a diploma in chartered accountancy and statutory auditors. She is also a member of the Le Siècle association and a Knight of the National Order of Merit.

Virginie Calmels is President of SHOWer Company, herself President of CV Education, a higher education group for the jobs of tomorrow in the field of creative industries and digital marketing which opened the first FUTURAe school in Boulogne Billancourt in October 2020 and welcomes nearly 200 students.

She has been an independent director of iliad (Free) since June 2009 and of Assystem since March 2016. Virginie Calmels has been Chairman of the Strategic Council of the OuiCare Group, since November 2019, and Chairman of Honor of the OuiCare endowment fund which fights against violence against women and for equality between women and men.

She is the founding president of the “think and do tank” DroiteLib’ since 2016.

Virginie Calmels began her career in 1993 with the audit firm Salustro Reydel as a financial auditor. She then joined the Canal + group (1998-2003) where she successively held the positions of financial director of NC Numéricable, financial director of international and development of the Canal + group then financial director of Canal + S.A., before being promoted to Deputy Managing Director then Deputy Managing Director of the Canal + channel. She joined Endemol France in 2003 as Managing Director, then from October 2007, she held the position of Chairman and Managing Director. In May 2012, she was promoted to Managing Director of the Endemol Monde group and retained the presidency of Endemol France, mandates from which she resigned in mid-January 2013.

She chaired the Hotel Les Airelles for 1 year in 2007, in parallel with her duties at Endemol, following its acquisition by Stéphane Courbit.

She also joined the Supervisory Board of Euro Disney and Euro Disney Associés S.C.A in March 2011, of which she became Chairman in January 2013 until her resignation in February 2017. She was independent director of Technicolor from May 2014 to July 2016 then censor until May 2017.

She was treasurer of the Arès Coop charity association and then administrator of the ARES association for almost 10 years (1998-2007).

In March 2014 Virginie Calmels was elected alongside Alain Juppé as 1st Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux in charge of the Economy, Employment and Sustainable Growth, as Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole in charge of Major Sites of Attractiveness, and president of EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique, mandates from which she resigned 5 years later, in February 2019 to return to the private sector, when Alain Juppé announced his entry into the Constitutional Council.< /p>

She was elected regional councilor of New Aquitaine on December 13, 2015, a mandate from which she resigned in September 2020.